Supporting Quinn? Genarro's Long Answer

I just got around to listening to the most recent episode of the Perez Notes, where the radio host asked City Councilman Jim Gennaro if he still supports Christine Quinn in her role as council speaker [25:38]. The question, of course, was prompted by questions about the recently discovered financial scandal and her handling of it.

It’s a tough question for most members, but especially so for Gennaro, who is also set to run for State Senate later this year and probably doesn’t want the financial scandal that came to light under Quinn’s watch to seep onto the campaign trail.

Here is what Genarro said in response to that question [asked at the 25:38 mark]:

“What we need Speaker Quinn to do, and what she is doing, is getting to the root of this problem and what we’re trying to tell her is that’s what really needs to be done, not to give power over to the mayor, and create the appearance of giving power to the mayor in some kind of reform,” Gennaro said.

“I think I speak for most members of the body when I say we’re working with the speaker to try to develop a budget-making reform package that keeps the power in the City Council that makes sense to members. And if she’s able to do that, than that would be what we want her to do. And that is my expectation.”

Later, Gennaro spreads blame for the funding scandal, saying, “This is not a lapse just of the City Council, but also of one of the mayoral agencies as well." [29:10] “We need reform on both sides of City Hall,” he added.

Also worth noting: Gennaro lays claim to being “the only local government candidate” that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. “has ever endorsed.” [3:32]. Supporting Quinn? Genarro's Long Answer