The 2007 Punch Awards: 'T' Mag Is Excellent Biz!

This morning, the New York Times announced the recipients of their 2007 Punch Awards. The awards, named after the nickname of former Times honcho Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, have two categories: “journalistic or editorial excellence” in community service and “business accomplishments.”

The Gainesville Sun, purchased by the Times in 1971 and part of the company’s Regional Newspaper Group, was honored for its remaking its digital newsroom—redesigning its Web sites, reorganizing staff and creating a continuous news desk.

In corporate speak, according to the Times in-house announcement from C.E.O. Janet Robinson and chairman Arthur Sulzberger, Jr., that means that “the team demonstrated a strong commitment to our Core Purpose by enhancing the society of its Florida community. Also, the team exemplified two esteemed Rules of the Road – keeping a relentless focus on serving our customers, and executing with urgency, agility and excellence.”

Closer to home, the “New York Times Style Magazine Team” won for business excellence—for “the expansion of T from a trendsetting, profitable domestic print magazine to a powerful publication with global and multi-platform reach.” Ooh! They sold out their ad space a year in advance, for one thing. And, according to the Times execs:

This team initiated a digital strategy that took advantage of the strengths of the print asset and pioneered a new online medium that was rich with compelling visuals, digital audio and video content, and innovative and interactive features. The benefits to the business were extraordinary:

First to market with a digital luxury product.

First international edition of a New York Times magazine.

Advertising space sold out one year in advance.

Yet, there was more. These accomplishments had a ripple effect, as the International Herald Tribune was well-positioned to build on the brand outside of the U.S. That is, through the international issue, the IHT:

Sold twice the forecasted advertising pages;

Added new advertising accounts;


Broke into new ad sectors, including design and home furnishings.

The 2007 Punch Awards: 'T' Mag Is Excellent Biz!