The Afternoon Wrap: Monday

Richard Gere has run into trouble with buildings inspectors in Bedford about the fence surrounding his eatery in the upscale New York suburb. [AP]

The MTA is installing solar panels on top of about a dozen buildings that are expected to generate enough power to meet 1 percent of the agency’s total annual energy consumption. Sure greener is better, but where’s the cash-strapped MTA getting the money from? Initially the electricity generated by the panels will cost double the amount Con-Ed charges, but solar costs will remain steady as regular rates rise. [City Room]

Madonna says Vanity Fair misquoted her and proclaims her undying affection for New York City. [Daily Intelligencer]

His weekday reminders to passersby that they are late for a very important date has won the "Washington Square Park Timekeeper" the affection of NYU students and businessmen alike. [Guest of a Guest]

For those of you who cashed in your tech stocks a decade ago and were debating between buying a one-bedroom condo on the Upper East Side or a BMW 750IL, let’s hope you went with the apartment. Here’s a list of what $100,000 could buy in 1998 versus today. [NY Magazine]

"Like erstwhile downtrodden peasants gleefully pillaging a falling former empire, Europeans are, famously, now taking advantage of the weak dollar" in Manhattan. [The Guardian via Gridskipper]

This street is proof that even the city makes the occasional spelling flub. [Gothamist] The Afternoon Wrap: Monday