The Afternoon Wrap: Monday

Mayor Bloomberg told reporters that he isn’t fully satisfied with the job performance of city building inspectors this year, what with those 13 construction fatalities and all. [NY Metro]

Meet the leaders of the most incestuous, snarky, and prolific blogosphere in America at the third annual Brooklyn Bloggers Conference on May 8th. [1Stop Over in Brooklyn]

Inside the home of Williamsburg’s most maligned and prolific architect Karl Fischer. [TRD]

Whole Foods is going BYOB (by which we mean bring your own bag) this week. [Kitchn]

Copper bandits are running rampant in Brooklyn, looting construction sites for the precious metal; its value has nearly tripled in three years. [Brooklyn Paper]

A Hazmat truck closed off a block in Park Slope today following a reported cyanide-related death. [Gothamist]

Gowanus Rising: Brooklyn’s polluted canal may finally get its long-awaited clean-up, but some locals worry the neighborhood will sacrifice its soul to developers along the way. [Gowanus Lounge]

The Afternoon Wrap: Monday