The Afternoon Wrap: Thursday

Call it karma: Tudor City residents are suing New York’s most litigious developer, Sheldon Solow, to block his East River mega development from blocking their views. [amNY]

Fast-food joints, including Manhattan’s only Arby’s, have been pushed out of Manhattan Mall in Herald Square to make way for JC Penney, leaving only a retail skeleton. [Curbed]

The Tribeca Film Festival’s drive-in tonight is really more of a sit-in without the activism. [City Room]

For a brief few hours in Midtown today, New Yorkers could safely accept a free cab ride from a stranger dressed like Super Mario. [Gothamist]

The Bowery Hotel, the Duane Street Hotel, and the Plaza all made it onto Conde Nast Traveler’s 2008 "Hot List." The Donald’s new venture in Chicago also got a nod. [Concierge]

Long lines are a sad fact of life for most New Yorkers. In a few cases, they’re actually worth the wait. [Gridskipper]

Could the residential building boom in Manhattan finally be letting up? We doubt it, but these figures from the census bureau are a faint glimmer of hope for those of you tortured by the din of construction. [Crain’s]


The Afternoon Wrap: Thursday