The Afternoon Wrap: Wednesday

An Upper East Side doorman doubles as Queens historian during the graveyard shift. [City Room]

Remember when Miranda moved to Brooklyn and was nearly ostracized by Carrie, et al? Well Sex and the City scribe Darren Star has apparently softened to the outer-boroughs since he is launching a new show chronicling the sexploits of the Park Slope Stroller Brigade. [Daily Intelligencer]

The Landmarks Preservation Commission tells East Villagers to pipe down about the inelegant pile of bricks that is the Provincetown Playhouse. [Curbed]

A self-proclaimed post-feminist New York wonders where all the brainy city girls with chunky shoes and funky glasses went? Uh… to the hair salon to get highlights. [Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York]

The new Internet site "Rate My Promoter" allows people to "praise or bash" promoters they know. Why not just not go back to the club? [Down by the Hipster]

Street artist "MORAL" uses a fire-extinguisher to tag, turning a safety device into a nifty tool of urban subversion. [Gothamist]

"On the Chinatown Bus, rules are meant to be broken." What else would one expect for a $1? [East Village Idiot]

The Afternoon Wrap: Wednesday