The (Big) Round-Up: Monday

While the rest of America is cutting back, the super-rich keep spending. [NY Times]

The city is being forced to rethink its West Side redevelopment plans. [NY Times]

Lately Upper Manhattan has traded some of the problems of poverty for those of rising, uneven wealth, like noisy restaurants. [NY Times]

As landlords default on their mortgages, even tenants are not safe from the subprime crisis. [NY Times]

When the newly renovated Mark Hotel reopens this year after an extensive renovation, rooms will start at $1,000 a night and stay that way. [NY Times]

Spring is the season when co-op and condo boards hold their annual meetings, if enough tenants show up. [NY Times]

Q&A: When a building manager "suggests" a contractor are you obliged to listen? [NY Times]

Q&A: Personal property in common areas. [NY Times]

A penthouse condo on Central Park North sold for $8 million, a record price for Harlem. [NY Times]

With the owner of the Salander-O’Reilly Galleries on 71st and Madison facing bankruptcy, Sotheby’s International Realty is hoping the townhouse will fetch a record asking price of $75 million. [NY Times]

Were the reports of the Manhattan real estate market’s decline exaggerated? [NY Times]

Yesterday the Yankees extracted the Red Sox T-shirt planted in the new stadiums’ cement. [NY Post]

The Empire State Development Corporation is soliciting another round of bids to develop Governor’s Island. [NY Post]

A state senator from Queens is giving $15,000 of discretionary funds to a group of low-income housing tenants to battle a landlord they accuse of harassment in court. [NY Post]

Private equity firms have bought almost ten percent of the city’s affordable housing stock over the last four yeas, says a low-income housing advocacy group. [NYDN]

The Deputy Mayor for Economic Development Robert Lieber says the redevelopment of Willets Point development is a priority. [NY Sun]









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