The (Big) Round-Up: Monday

A 38-year resident of a building affected by the March crane collapse fears that a temporary vacate order could turn permanent. [NY Times]

If there is a national recession, how deep will it hit New York City? [NY Times]

The Teachers’ Union is against imposing an annual property tax cap by school districts. [NY Times]

The complex relationship between New Yorkers and their outdoor space. [NY Times]

Your Home: Calling in the experts to get rid of junk. [NY Times]

Two new construction sites represent one of the first efforts in decades to revitalize Spring Valley, N.Y. [NY Times]

In the housing crisis, self-storage facilities are attracting investment. [NY Times]

A pair of luxury condo projects in Manhattan that stand out from the crowd. [NY Times]

Dutch Kills gets a boost as residents rally against more than a dozen hotel construction projects awaiting the neighborhood’s rezoning. [NY Times]

The Department of City Planning has announced a plan to rezone the Rockaway Peninsula to stop high-rise condo construction there. [NY Times]

Q&A: Can a co-op compel residents to get cable? [NY Times]

Copper is being looted from construction sites around the Hamptons. [NY Post]

Some Off Track Betting branches in the city are getting ready to close in the coming weeks as Albany ponders how to keep the operation afloat. [NY Post]

The newest swathe of Tribeca’s Hudson River Park is set to open next month. [NY Post]

Burglary reports on the Upper East Side are on the rise. [NY Sun]

New legislation would give City Council the final say in rent regulations. [NY Sun]

Overtime costs at the Port Authority spiked in 2007. [NY Sun]

The (Big) Round-Up: Monday