The Knicks: Serious Buzz Kill

The dismal performance of the New York Knicks has hurt the fan-fueled business of Irish pubs near Madison Square Garden, according to the Sunday Times. But there may yet be a pot of gold at the end of the faded rainbow for these retailers of rose-colored glasses near the Knicks’ home court:

Last week, amid talk of extensive renovations to the Garden itself, the Knicks announced that Donnie Walsh, a New York native and longtime executive for the Indiana Pacers, would be assuming control of the arena’s basketball operations. Thus ends an era in which the Knicks have been led — or, as many would say, led astray — by Isiah Thomas.

Only time will tell, however. It is the Knicks, after all

On Wednesday night, while the Knicks played across the street, two of [Eighth Avenue bar Tir Na Nog’s] seven televisions were set to a basketball game between the New Jersey Nets and the Cleveland Cavaliers. The other televisions showed a hockey playoff opener: the New York Rangers versus the New Jersey Devils.

The Knicks game, however, did supply the pub with some business that night. Perched at the bar were Ed Cunning, a 27-year-old publicist, and Tom Duggan, 28, a bond evaluator… [T]he men had left the Garden at halftime.

“The hockey game was a better game,” Mr. Duggan said.

The Knicks: Serious Buzz Kill