The Morning Read: Friday, April 25, 2008

Despite a call to cut back spending, state agencies are continuing to hire new employees.

“This does not conflict with the governor’s mission to control spending,” said David Paterson’s spokesman, Errol Cockfield.

The New York Times has a chart of City Council members who hired relatives to do political work.

Miguel Martinez steered taxpayer money to a group where his sister has an unpaid position.

Larry Seabrook’s story about why he’s funding some local groups in the Bronx isn’t adding up, according to the New York Post.

Michael Bloomberg spoke in support of taxpayers footing the legal bill for Council members being probed–if they aren’t guilty, anyway.

The city will pay the legal bills of Council members probed in the member item investigation.

Gifford Miller is keeping very quiet.

Trymaine Lee chats with Serph Maltese, who jokingly said, “My staff says they want to buy me a T-shirt with a big target on the back.”

Paul Tonko is getting ready to run for Congress.

Former Assemblyman Bob Prentiss is reentering public life.

Jews and blacks in Crown Heights are talking.

Lambda Independent Democrats is 30 years old.

The Wall Street Journal editorial board raises questions about donations to Bill Clinton’s foundation.

James Clyburn has strong words for Bill Clinton.

Fred Thompson does not want to be vice president.

John McCain swears he’ll do everything he can to keep that Barack Obama-Jeremiah Wright ad off the air.

The Morning Read: Friday, April 25, 2008