The Morning Read: Monday, April 21, 2008

The New York Times headline says: ‘Obama Sharpens Tone’ in Pennsylvania.

The Washington Post goes with a similar headline.

The new flap in the Democratic presidential primary is over what Barack Obama said about John McCain’s presidency being better than George W. Bush’s.

The Obama campaign had $42 million cash in the beginning of April, while the Clinton campaign had $9 million and the McCain campaign had slightly more.

Unnamed aides to Michael Bloomberg say his inner circle is encouraging him to buy the New York Times.

Legally blind, David Paterson gets information by listening to a lot of recorded messages from his aides.

Michael Gormley wonders if Paterson is too nice.

Here’s more on that fund-raiser for Vito Fossella that Dick Cheney is attending, which I noted earlier.

Eliot Spitzer once had some very kind words for Daniel Wiese, who is the subject of a probe by Andrew Cuomo. [Also, the last item notes that Christine Quinn was campaigning for Clinton in Pennsylvania.]

The Manhattan District Attorney may press charges in the slush fund scandal at the City Council.

Congressional candidate Lee Zeldin and others campaign on social networking sites.

State Assemblyman Felix Ortiz gave a $4,000 member item to a group whose critics say it is a cult.

Who will succeed Judith Kaye when she retires?

The New York Post editorial board wants to end City Council member items.

A major development project in the Bronx is moving forward.

Jeffrey Lovell may have been dismissed from his job with the Republican-controlled state senate because he helped fund projects in Yonkers, which benefited Democrat Andrea-Stewart Cousins [second item].

In an op-ed, Randi Weingarten defends teacher tenure and the state’s decision not to grant it based on student test scores.

About 43 percent of Columbia University students voted in their campus elections recently, up from 34 percent last year.

And somebody please fix Gersh Kuntzman’s coffee machine.
The Morning Read: Monday, April 21, 2008