The Morning Read: Monday, April 28, 2008

This afternoon, Al Sharpton and House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers will walk from the Kalua club to the spot where Sean Bell was killed.

David Paterson doesn’t want Sharpton protesting, saying, “We know a judge determined there was no crime. We accept that.”

Eric Adams, Norman Siegel and others want a permanent special prosecutor to handle Sean Bell-like cases.

Critics of the Sean Bell verdict still hope Paterson will come around to their cause.

The New Yorker quotes David Paterson’s wife, saying, “I was Miss Goody Two-Shoes. I was, like, the perfect daughter. My mother tells me now that as an adult I’m rebelling.”

“New York’s Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, has failed to attain two goals achieved by London: the congestion charge and the 2012 Olympics,” writes a reporter for a London newspaper.

City Council members who get their legal bills paid by taxpayers should be glad they’re not in Congress.

Tish James and Tom Duane want the city to have more power over rent regulations.

Democrats don’t like plans to rename a school after Republican Frank Padavan.

Hiram Monserrate steered $400,000 in taxpayer money to a group that never registered as a charity.

Congressman Ed Towns of Brooklyn is facing a Democratic primary from Kevin Powell, the hip-hop writer and former MTV star.

John Faso doesn’t rule out another run for public office.

A group that runs after-school programs on Staten Island has its funding held up because of the slush fund probe.

The principal fired from the Arabic-themed public school told The New York Times that the Bloomberg administration issued “a written apology in her name without her approval.”

New York City finances could get a lot worse.

The teachers union and state officials are fighting about the proposed property tax cap.

“Teachers union  promotes property tax hikes,” reads the headline on this AP story.

State investigators seized computers in the Daniel Wiese-related probe.

Conservatives “see the liberal media failing to give Hillary Clinton the respect she deserves,” and therefore, “it falls to us to praise Hillary,” writes Bill Kristol in the New York Times.

Clinton wants to debate Barack Obama Lincoln-Douglas style.

Chelsea Clinton said, “I passionately believe my mother is the most progressive and the most prepared candidate.”

Damien Cave has a warning about Florida.

And remember those radicals from 1968.

The Morning Read: Monday, April 28, 2008