The Morning Read: Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Charles Hurt thinks Michael Bloomberg’s denials about seeking a third mayoral term sound a lot like his denials about running for president.

Here is more on the deal Bloomberg made with Wal-Mart to better track gun sales.

The state will start collecting taxes for online purchases.

Andrew Cuomo is expanding his pension investigation to include, in addition to school districts, town and village governments.

David Paterson gave $150 to charity last year.

Which is a lot less than other statewide elected officials donated.

The Patersons will receive a $4,386 tax refund.

A Paterson spokesman had no comment on their tax returns.

Joe Addabbo is having a fund-raiser for his State Senate race, but organizers Joe Crowley and Christine Quinn won’t be there.

Quinn did not garner much support for her reform initiatives yesterday.

Gotham Gazette has more questions for Quinn.

A spokeswoman for Quinn said there was no specific timeline for implementing the proposed changes.

Brooklyn Democratic Leader Vito Lopez is facing questions on how his daughter became a judge.

Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy is trying to unseat Assemblyman Philip Ramos, who helped shoot down a local tax plan Levy pushed last year.

There are many candidates running to replace retiring upstate Congressman Tom Reynolds.

Chelsea Clinton is campaigning for her mom in Pennsylvania.

Barack Obama talks to the Philadelphia Daily News about the remarks he made that have caused a stir this week.

And also his stance on potential war crimes committed by the Bush administration.

Ed Rendell doesn’t think those comments will cause all that much of a problem in Pennsylvania, or the general election.

McCain campaign manager Rick Davis is meeting with energy executives, lobbyists and P.R. people in Washington.

The Chicago Tribune profiles Cindy McCain. The Morning Read: Tuesday, April 15, 2008