The Morning Read: Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The new ad by Hillary Clinton that invokes Osama bin Laden drew a sharp response from Barack Obama’s campaign.

Clinton makes some pretty inflammatory comments about Iran

Reportedly, Richard Nixon’s daughter is “quietly” supporting Obama

Bill Clinton says the race card was played on him. 

Glenn Thrush runs the numbers on the presidential primary.

Rahm Emanuel writes in the Politico that a Democratic victory is all about winning the suburbs.

Michael Bloomberg, and some elected officials, are taking a hard look the Buildings Department.

Kirsten Danis lists the jobs Bloomberg has already turned down.

Add university president to that list.

Erik Dilan was the sole sponsor of a member item that sent taxpayer money to a non-profit run by his wife.

The Daily News editorial board calls Dilan a “little piggy” and pokes fun at his explanation.

The legal bills resulting from the City Council’s accounting problems have already run up to $95,000.

David Paterson says he didn’t want to talk to the press about his $150 in charitable donations because he wanted to avoid the kind of “feeding frenzy that I thought I was the victim of in the last month.”

Paterson also said he’s likely to run for reelection in 2010.

In an op-ed, Adolfo Carrion explains what he’ll do if elected comptroller.

Randi Weingarten has an op-ed about crime in public schools.

Gary Mittleman is out of the race for the congressional seat in the 21st district.

Rupert Murdoch is buying Newsday.

The managing editor of the Wall Street Journal is reportedly leaving.

Lester Brown and Jonathan Lewis say the country’s “food-to-fuel” mandates are contributing to the world’s food crisis.

And Ed Koch bought a plot in the Trinity Church Cemetery.

The Morning Read: Tuesday, April 22, 2008