The Morning Read: Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Requiring photo identification when voting is constitutional, according to a new ruling from the Supreme Court.

Michael Bloomberg is writing a new book called “Do The Hard Things First (And Other Bloomberg Rules for Business and Politics).”

He’s not getting an advance and will donate all proceeds from the book to the World Trade Center Memorial.

Jeremy Peters examines Bloomberg’s unique lingo.

A group that got taxpayer money from Christine Quinn has contributed heavily to her campaign committee.

Hiram Monserrate wants to probe the burial practices associated with unclaimed bodies of veterans.

Republican State Senator Frank Padavan said he didn’t need a new school complex named after him to give him name recognition leading up to his re-election campaign. “If you traveled around my district, I’d take you to Padavan Field, Padavan Way, Padavan Pavilion and a whole bunch of other places that have my name on them.”

Bob Kappstatter reports that Jimmy Vacca is interested in running for Bronx Borough President.

Marty Markowitz needs a driver.

Jose Peralta wants a greener neighborhood.

David Paterson has some kind words for Joe Bruno.

It’s part of Paterson’s charm offensive.

The New York Times editorial board wants to eliminate member items in Albany and City Hall.

The Daily News wants to eliminate member items in City Hall (echoing Jimmy Oddo).

The daughter of  a Democratic leader in Mt. Vernon, who owns a $375,000 home, is getting federal housing subsidies.

Gay couples were denied marriage licenses in Oyster Bay.

Rudy Giuliani, who supports abortion rights, is blasted for taking Communion during the Pope’s visit.

Mark Leibovich wonders what to make of Bill Clinton.

Karl Rove has advice for Barack Obama.

And Al Sharpton’s car was hit with $900 in tickets after he parked it to attend a Sean Bell rally yesterday.

The Morning Read: Tuesday, April 29, 2008