The Next Al Sharpton, The Next Quinn Fund-Raiser

Joe Klein now thinks Jeremiah Wright is “the next iteration of Al Sharpton.”

Mike Tomasky thinks it’s time for Barack Obama to make another adjustment.

Howard Dean says either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama will drop out by June: “If it’s time for them to go, they’ll know it.”

Ben captures a rare moment of harmony between the Clinton and Obama camps.

Tom DiNapoli uncovered a $23.6 million rip-off of state funds.

Jacob Gershman has a question about an old Eliot Spitzer-related investigation.

David Paterson talks about a new environmental research facility just outside Albany.

A Manhattan arts group will honor Michael Bloomberg.

Columbia University’s student newspaper likes the fact Bloomberg is speaking at Barnard’s commencement next month.

Christine Quinn is still raising money.

Here’s more footage from Al Sharpton’s rally at the National Action Network this weekend.

The Next Al Sharpton, The Next Quinn Fund-Raiser