The Round-Up: Friday

Buildings Commissioner Patricia Lancaster said the tower under construction at the site of last month’s crane collapse in Turtle Bay was approved in error. [NY Times]

The Port Authority’s executive director has resigned, paving the way for Governor Paterson to appoint a successor. [NY Times]

"Record stores fight to be long-playing." [NY Times]

An airport hangar at JFK has been transformed into a cathedral fit for the pope. [NYDN]

The average price of a home in Manhattan hit $1.6 million in the first quarter of 2008, a $500,000 increase from the same period last year. [NYDN]

A mixed-use condominium development, a brand-new stadium, and a new coat of paint revive Downtown Flushing. [NYDN]

Rising gas prices have boosted business at New York state camp grounds as more families opt for car-free getaways. [NY Sun]

Confidential blueprints of the new World Trade Center design were carelessly dumped in a Soho trash-can. [NY Post]

  The Round-Up: Friday