The Round-Up: Thursday

Mayor Bloomberg continued to lobby state lawmakers to approve his congestion pricing plan, but opposition appeared to outweigh support in Albany yesterday. [NY Times]

A longtime state employee issued crane operating licenses to 210 people who had not passed the exam. [NY Times]

Queens had second biggest wage increase of any US county from June 2006-2007. [NY Times]

New Jersey Governor John Corzine, who has been campaigning for unpopular toll increases on highways in his own state, denounced Mayor Bloomberg’s congestion pricing plan and threatened to sue the city if it is approved. [NY Times]

The City Comptroller says HUD was lax in overseeing Mitchell Lama buildings in the Bronx and Manhattan. [NY Times]

New York’s Thoroughbred Racing Association broke state law when it granted a no-bid operating contract to a scandal-ridden Manhattan law firm last summer. [NY Times]

The "Bioscleave House" in East Hampton is part of a Japanese architect’s mission to outlaw aging and its consequences. [NY Times]

Report: New York consumer confidence shrank in the first three months of the year. [Crain’s]

Celebrities continued to lavish praise on the Midtown restaurant Patsy’s in its suit against the Manhattan pizza franchise that bears the same name. [NY Post]

Gimme Shelter: Brooke Shields has gone to contract on a $5.4 million fixer-upper townhouse on West 10th Street; Director Ang Lee is house hunting in Chelsea; Corcoran cuts the asking price of $200,000 rental at a Trump building. [NY Post]

A developer’s plan to build a CUNY dormitory in Long Island City is expected to face opposition at a meeting of Community Board 2 in Queens tonight. [NYDN]

Developers target East Harlem, Washington Heights churches. [NY Sun] 

A lot of office space in construction or planning around the city. In fact, is there too much? [NY Sun]  The Round-Up: Thursday