The Round-Up: Thursday

The subprime mortgage crisis has trickled into Greenwich, where mega-homes sit on the market “like beached whales.” [NY Times]

The U.S. plan to auction runway slots at LaGuardia to curb delays could increase ticket prices for travelers, Governor Paterson and the Port Authority said yesterday. [NY Times]

Governor Paterson is expected to replace the Executive Director of the Port Authority next week. [NY Times]

The city is revising its Coney Island redevelopment plan to “bling it up” and reach a compromise with local landowners. [NY Times]

Martin S. Kimmel, one of the nation’s biggest strip mall developers, died on Tuesday in Manhattan. [NY Times]

NYU is eyeing a new security system that would lock down heavily trafficked buildings in the event of a Virginia Tech-style shooting. [NY Post]

Manhattan’s Center for Urban Design is kicking off a competition to design a bicycle-centered commuter system in Brooklyn’s most bike-friendly neighborhood: Red Hook. [NY Post]

Gimme Shelter: The Mets’ Johan Santana buys a $3 million condo on East End Avenue; Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor are townhouse-hunting in the West Village. [NY Post]

Mayor Bloomberg said Ground Zero Transit hub may need to be scaled back after a report revealed that the project is $1 billion over budget. [NYDN]

Community Boards in Manhattan have been flexing their muscles lately to block new bars and restaurants from serving alcohol after 2 am. [NY Sun]

More than 1,000 homeless veterans will receive permanent housing through a New York City Housing Authority Program. [NY Sun]

New York’s hospitality industry is still booming, even as other segments of the real estate market are flat. [NY Sun]

The world’s biggest hostel and the last surviving Richard Morris Hunt building in Manhattan is getting a makeover. [NY Sun]

The Round-Up: Thursday