Van Hollen asks Myers for a donation

Chris Myers is on the Democrats’ list — not only as a Republican opponent in the third congressional district, but as a potential donor.

Myers’s $500 donation to Democratic incumbent Sen. Frank Lautenberg early last year first touched off a press release from rival Republican Jack Kelly blasting him for supporting Democrats.

But Rep. Chris Van Hollen [D-MD], who chairs the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), hopes that Myers will share the wealth with House Democrats.

Van Hollen wrote a tongue-in-cheek letter to Myers today asking him to make a donation that would effectively work against his own campaign.

“Your contribution of $500.00 to Democratic Senator Frank Lautenberg speaks to your support of the Democratic agenda for change and our fight to responsibly bring our troops home from Iraq,” wrote Van Hollen. “We thank you for your support of Democrats and hope the DCCC can count on your financial contribution…. We count on individual donors like you to get our message across to voters.”

Van Hollen’s letter to Myers comes after Democratic Rep. Steve Rothman hit Myers up for contributions as well.

Myers spokesman Chris Russell said that the DCCC’s attention to the matter shows that they’re scared of Myers winning the Republican nomination.

“Whatever they’re going to do to hurt our campaign they’re going to do, because ethey know if they get us in the fall they’re in trouble,” he said. “I suggest to them they should spend less time playing games and more time figuring how in the world they’re going to sell John Adler, a tax and spend Trenton politician, to voters this November.


Van Hollen asks Myers for a donation