Weekend in Review: Destruction, Billification, Investigation

Jonathan Weisman and Matthew Mosk write an expansion piece on divisions within in the Democratic Party.

In a New York Times op-ed, Elizabeth Edwards writes about the lack of substance in covereage of the race.

Clive Crook writes in the Financial Times about Democratic self-destruction (the accompanying art pretty much gets to the point)

Hillary Clinton avoided the question of what she would do if she lost Indiana.

The Wall Street Journal looks at the “Billification” of the Clinton campaign.

Things went pretty smoothly during Barack Obama’s appearance on Fox News Sunday.

The L.A. Times puts Obama under the microscope for his involvement in securing a ping pong tournament.

Jonathan Martin gets to talk to Ron Paul about why he‘s still in the race. 

Ron Paul people are messing with the Republican caucues in Nevada.

The Obama campaign has asked for an investigation into sites that claim to be affiliated with the campaign.

Tomorrow David Paterson will go to court about taxing cigarettes from Indian reservations.

The Thruway Authority’s decision to raise tolls, against the wishes of the governor, has drawn the ire of a Utica blogger.

The City might want to think a little bit harder about Newtown Creek.

Helen Marshall might need another briefing on Willets Point.

David Seifman wonders about Councilwoman Maria Baez’s gas purchases.

The Post also notes that Baez was steering money to a tenants group that doesn’t seem to exist anymore.

The C.E.O. of the state Liquor Board is leaving, and it’s making some people nervous.

Oh my God it’s Chelsea! Weekend in Review: Destruction, Billification, Investigation