Weekend in Review: Trading Insults, Pope Mania

A national Newsweek poll shows Barack Obama leading Hillary Clinton, 54-35.

The Financial Times editorial board says "Democrats must choose Obama."

The Daily News headlines a story about this weekend in Pennsylvania: "Clinton and Obama mock each other."

The New York Times details Clinton’s financial woes.

Clinton was caught criticizing activist Democrats (and Moveon.org!) at a private fund-raiser.

She also told ABC News that she has "to win" Pennsylvania.

The McCain campaign is devising ways to get around the donation limits for individual contributions, which may allow donors to give up to $70,000.

John McCain is also widening his electoral map.

Clinton sat down with Maya Angelou, who said she’s with Clinton for "the long run."

The New York Times, with melancholy, chronicles the defection of leading Democrats from Clinton to Obama.

In Philadelphia on Friday night, Obama drew his largest crowd ever.

Obama’s office in Allentown, Pennsylvania was burglarized.

Chelsea Clinton is still courting the gay vote.

Ed Rendell strays from the message, again.

The Clinton campaign is using negative robo-calls against Obama in Pennsylvania.

David Axelrod tells Newsweek that Obama’s campaign is gearing up for a serious battle.

The Washington Post takes a long, long look at McCain’s temper.

And a pretty long look at the social dynamic of wearing old Obama stickers.

Chuck Schumer predicts Clinton will win Pennsylvania by "a significant margin."

Noam Schieber takes issue with Jonah Goldberg’s National Review article about Obama.

The New Republic profiles David Plouffe.

"Meta-attack" seems like a good way to describe Obama’s strategy right now.

In the Wall Street Journal, John Fund tries to keep the Obama-Bill Ayers narrative alive.

Kenneth P. Vogel links Obama to gun control efforts.

The New York Times editorial board goes after McCain on taxes.

Howard Wolfson shut down a Clinton conference call because it was "not going as planned."

The Times editorial board wants Christine Quinn to do away with Council members’ discretionary funds.

Officials predict the return of congestion pricing, in the form of tolls.

New York is in a water war with Pennsylvania.

David Paterson authorized resources to battle a forest fire upstate.

Nicolai Ouroussoff doesn’t think the public was able to see a realistic rendering of the plan for the West Side rail yards.

Democrat & Chronicle thinks there’s too much regulation in New York.

The D.N.C. makes its first anti-McCain TV ad, and asks for money to air it.

Dan Jacoby thinks that the special election to fill Dennis Gallagher’s seat will get ugly.

Retiring Congressman Mike Ferguson criticizes an ad by Katie Whitman, who is running for his seat.

The Rothenberg Political Report lists five New York congressional seats, including Vito Fossella’s.

The Pope blessed the World Trade Center site.

New York’s most famous lapsed Catholic took communion at the Pope’s Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Then the Pope gave Mass in front of 60,000 people at Yankee Stadium.

And regretfully, the beaver that was rescued from drowning in the East River by police SCUBA divers protecting the Pope died on the way to Utica.

Weekend in Review: Trading Insults, Pope Mania