Who is New Jersey’s Smartest Legislator?

PolitickerNJ.com readers get to decide who the smartest member of the New Jersey Legislature is!

UPDATE: The tournament has started. Click here to vote.

The PolitickerNJ.com Smartest Legislator Tournament is intended to be a contest of sheer intelligence – an online, interactive contest among readers to determine New Jersey’s most intellectually talented state legislator. This is not about political parties, vote-getting abilities, fundraising prowess, legislative achievements, or personal popularity – it’s a contest to look at the minds of the legislators. Think about their ability to reason, to solve problems, to comprehend complicated ideas, to think abstractly, to articulate their views, and to learn. Consider their personal wisdom, their knowledge, and their ability to deal with cognitive complexity.

We’ve put 64 of New Jersey’s 120 legislators into four divisions of sixteen legislators. The regions are named after four truly brilliant legislators of the past: Perskie, Gormley, Wiley and DeKorte.

You can vote in each of the matchups, starting with Round 1 on April 17-21 – but only once every ten minutes. Round 2 will run April 22-23, Sweet Sixteen on April 24-35, Elite 8 on April 26-28, Final 4 on April 29, and Finals on April 30.

Today: a wildcard contest for the 64th slot between two members of the State Assembly –Scott Rudder (R-Burlington) and Cleopatra Tucker (D-Essex). CLICK HERE TO VOTE ON THE WILDCARD

Who is New Jersey’s Smartest Legislator?