A book like nothing you’ve ever seen before

Women’s magazines of the 1960s set impossible standards for the modern housewife: She was expected to be an immaculate housekeeper, a brilliant entertainer, a fashion plate, and (natch) a perfect pleaser of the man in her life. For Norma Fontaine — the first-person narrator of the new, wholly original thriller Woman’s World — the tips, instructions, and suggestions in these magazines rule her life, which is no surprise, considering her every thought and utterance literally originates from the magazines she worships.

In creating Woman’s World, collage artist Graham Rawle spent five years cutting 40,000 snippets of text and spot illustrations from 1960s women’s magazines and pasting them onto 437 sheets of paper. The result is a page-turning thriller that’s utterly original yet retains the sensibility of its source material. Even without Rawle’s amazing facsimile presentation, Woman’s World stands on its own as a delightfully dark suspense novel about a family with a horrible secret.

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