Working Families for Crowley

The Working Families Party endorsed Democratic City Council candidate Elizabeth Crowley for the special election in Queens on June 3. It’s not an entirely surprising move, considering Crowley is the leading Democratic candidate, and a united Democratic front will be needed to claim that seat, which has been held by Republicans for years.

Worth nothing here is that the the Conservative Party, which often acts as a counterbalance to the WFP, is not supporting leading Republican candidate Anthony Como. 

As for the question of how much a WFP endorsement counts for in the first place in that part of the world, it’s open to debate. 

According to the city Board of Elections, the WFP has 85 registered voters in the district.
But, the WFP says in its endorsement statement: “The Working Families Party provided Crowley nearly 5% of her total votes in her last bid for the Council District 30 seat in 2001.  The WFP has hundreds of members and supporters in the district, and its affiliate unions and community organizations have over 3,000 members. The Working Families Party received over 1,000 votes in Council District 30 for Senator Charles Schumer in 2004, and 4.6% of Governor Eliot Spitzer’s vote in the district in 2006.” Working Families for Crowley