A “Primary” Change of Mind

No doubt the Rob Andrews’ cold shoulder snub by his Democrat Congressional colleagues is newsworthy.

As reported yesterday by the NY Times, Andrews’ “fellow Democrats in the state’s Congressional delegation are shunning him, avoiding teaming up with him on legislative work and seldom speaking with him,” (Challenger Gets Cold Shoulder in New Jersey).

But the Times’ article goes on to say the snub is “striking even in the rough-and-tumble of New Jersey politics."

That may be a bit of stretch.

According to reports, Andrews committed his support to Lautenberg last fall but changed his mind in April when he threw his hat in the ring. Yet at the time, the lay of the land had started to change including published poll reports raising questions about Lautenberg’s age and the Republican efforts to line up a formidable and well financed challenger.

And how’s that much different from Congressman Donald Payne’s flip-flop of his publicly pledged support for Presidential Democrat Candidate Hillary Clinton?

Perhaps one of the four Times’ reporters contributing to the story should have asked Payne about “keeping his word.” A “Primary” Change of Mind