Additional charges against Sharpe James dropped

There will be no part two to the Sharpe James trial.

The federal government dropped its additional charges against former Newark Mayor Sharpe James today, saying that they would only use up additional resources for a new trial that wouldn’t likely result in any additional prison time for James.

James was convicted last month on five corruption charges, and faces 10-15 years in federal prison. But he was set to face more fraud charges in a July 8th trial relating to his use of city credit cards to pay for personal expenses, including movie tickets, pay-per-view pornographic movies and body lotions at a hotel.

“We believe that justice was well served on the day the jury convicted the former mayor on all of the corruption charges against him and, as a consequence, by the significant prison term that he likely faces,” said Christie in a statement.

A press release from the U.S. Attorney’s office said that a second trial would needlessly use up resources of the office and the courts. But the release noted that the office reserves the right to reintroduce the charges in case James succeeds in appealing any of the charges he was convicted of last month.

Additional charges against Sharpe James dropped