Andrews files FOIA request for Lautenberg rebate records

The Rob Andrews Senate campaign isn’t giving up on proving that Frank Lautenberg claimed Washington, DC as his primary residence.

Despite a letter that Lautenberg’s campaign produced stating that he received a homestead tax deduction by mistake – a prerequisite of which is to claim the town as a primary residence – Andrews filed a Freedom of Information Act request today with the city’s Office of Tax and Revenue for all records pertaining to the rebate.

Andrews said that Lautenberg would have had to affirmatively apply for the program and acknowledge Washington, DC as his primary residence.

“We have been advised by the District of Columbia, Office of Tax and Revenue that it is and has been impossible to receive the Homestead Deduction unless an application is completed,” read a letter attached to the FOIA request from Andrews counsel William Tambussi.

A press release today said that the Andrews campaign will “take all legal action necessary to compel the release of the documents.

“We believe that Senator Lautenberg knew exactly what he was doing in filing for the property-tax deduction in Washington," Andrews Campaign Chairman Mike Murphy. "By claming Washington D.C. as his primary residence, Frank Lautenberg would not even have been eligible to vote in New Jersey, let alone serve as its U.S. Senator."

Lautenberg spokeswoman Julie Roginsky said that Andrews does not need to go through the trouble of filing a FOIA request.

They can file anything they want. I’ll be happy to give them the letter that said that Sen. Lautenberg neither asked for nor filed for the rebate,” she said. “They want to keep inventing things because they don’t want to talk about Congressman Andrews’s record on the war in Iraq.”

Andrews files FOIA request for Lautenberg rebate records