Andrews gets another newspaper endorsement

The Gloucester County Times has endorsed Rob Andrews for the Democratic U.S. Senate nomination over four-term incumbent Frank Lautenberg.

"Lautenberg's current term hasn't been distinctive enough for him to stay out of retirement for another six years. Andrews has earned the right to tell voters how he'd do more," the editorial stated. "The slightly more liberal Lautenberg exaggerates policy differences with Andrews, a good strategy given Tuesday's narrow electorate. T most New Jerseyans, Andrews' long ago budget-cutting votes with Newt Gingrich aren't meaningful. Andrews indeed took too long to realize that the Iraq war was being directed ineptly, but he reversed his support a while back."

Andrews is now 3-1 against Lautenberg in daily newspaper endorsements: the Star-Ledger and the Philadelphia Inquirer endorsed him on Sunday. The New York Times endorsed Lautenberg today. Andrews gets another newspaper endorsement