Another Law Firm, Cuomo as Paterson

The City Council hired a third law firm to deal with the federal probe into its use of discretionary spending. (Here’s who can can use those lawyers). [City Hall Insider ]

In case you hadn’t heard, David Paterson is in the hospital undergoing tests while Andrew Cuomo gives his commencement speech at Columbia. [Liz]

The city’s "near-term fiscal picture does not look as grim as some observers fear," says the Independent Budget Office in a new report. [I.B.O.]

Bronx County Democratic Leader Jose Rivera, facing a growing rebellion that now reportedly includes Assemblywoman Aurelia Greene, could take the county clerk job. [Daily News]

R.S. Guskind thinks the cynicism from Streetsblog about Hakeem Jeffries and the G train rally is notable. [Gowanus Lounge]

Daily Intelligencer recounts a story Kathy Lee Gifford told about the Clintons on TV today. [New York] Another Law Firm, Cuomo as Paterson