Bay Ridge Club Split Between Fossella’s Democrat Challengers

The Brooklyn Democrats for Change, a reform club in Bay Ridge, held their endorsement meeting last night to decide which Democrat to endorse against Republican Vito Fossella.

The club’s decision was an even split.

According to a political operative who attended the meeting but is not actively working for either campaign, there were 25 votes for each of the two declared Democratic candidates, attorney Steve Harrison and City Councilman Domenic Recchia.

(It should be noted that there were 54 votes casts, but two were for “no endorsement” and two additional ones were invalidated because of some error made by the voter that disqualified their ballot, according to my source.)

It’s unclear what the club will do at the moment. But my source says it’s a defeat of sorts for Harrison. Recchia never spoke to the club and, although he was invited twice, couldn’t attend meetings because of (legitimate) scheduling conflicts.

It’s also worth noting that the club is located in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, and not in Recchia’s council district. So, for not having shown up and the vote not being in his backyard, Recchia demonstrated some ground-level support—or at least, with superior funding even to Fossella, is considered the favorite to win.

Bay Ridge Club Split Between Fossella’s Democrat Challengers