Bloomberg on Hillary Clinton’s Dream

In case you missed it, here (courtesy of Em Whitney) is a bit of Michael Bloomberg’s Friday interview with the BBC in which he explains his opinion that the long Democratic primary is bad for John McCain:

Although journalists on this side of the Atlantic have more or less stopped asking the question, Michael Bloomberg was once again pressed for his position on presidential politics during an interview with BBC Newsnight last Friday.

“Nobody’s going to ever ask me to be their running mate,” Bloomberg said, when host Emily Maitlis asked if he would consider the job, though he also listed some of the many times he’s had contact with the candidates during this cycle.

“Is it time for Hillary to step down now?” Maitlis asked.

“If you put you put yourself in Hillary Clinton’s head…" Bloomberg replied, then paused. "Hillary Clinton has a dream. She wants to be president.”

“Is she risking that Democratic dream for the rest of the country?" Maitlis pressed.

“No, absolutely not," Bloomberg said. "I don’t subscribe to this [idea of], ‘You’re helping McCain by having a fight.’ Quite the contrary, you’re battle-testing the candidates on the Democratic side, you’re getting all the bad news out, and they still survive," he said.

"I happen to think this is not good for John McCain," Bloomberg added. "Conventional wisdom is exactly the reverse, but I have to tell you…conventional wisdom is wrong.”

Bloomberg on Hillary Clinton’s Dream