Brett Ratner: Our Brand is Copy

Brett Ratner, perhaps the most maligned filmmaker this side of Uwe Boll, is getting into branding. According to Variety‘s Marc Graser, Mr. Ratner is "launching Brett Ratner Brands as a consultancy to infuse a dose of pop culture into clients’ marketing campaigns."

The imaginatively named company has already created two nearly identical commercials for Activision’s "Guitar Hero" that ran during the season finale of American Idol. Like much of Mr. Ratner’s work, it’s an homage to an already established work, specifically, Tom Cruise’s iconic underwear dance to Bob Seger’s "Old Time Rock ‘n’ Roll" from Risky Business.

"The ad agency serves a specific purpose," Mr. Ratner told Variety. "It’s all about connecting with audiences through the use of storytelling." Even, apparently, if it’s someone else’s story being told again. Brett Ratner: Our Brand is Copy