Camille Andrews raises just shy of $30k

In the 1st congressional district, Democrat Camille Andrews, who’s holding the ballot spot her incumbent husband Rep. Rob Andrews vacated to run for Senate, has raised a little under $30,000.

Andrews has said that she will run a real campaign but will step aside if party leaders want to give the ballot spot to someone else. Insiders say that Andrews will indeed be replaced. Two names that currently surface as prospective replacements are Assemblyman John J. Burzichelli and Assembly Majority Executive Director Bill Castner.

Last month, state Senate Majority Leader Stephen Sweeney downplayed his congressional aspirations to, and sources say that Assemblyman Lou Greenwald, previously considered a leading contender for the seat, is not interested.

Andrews has raised $29,455 so far and has $20,430 on hand.

Democratic rival Mahdi Ibn-Zayid’s latest report was not available online, but he said he had raised a total of about $6,000 so far and has “a couple grand” on hand.

Reports were not available for the other Democratic challenger, John Caramanna.

On the Republican end, Dale Glading Campaign Manager Tim Saler said that his candidate has raised $8,060 and has spent $7,252, leaving him with $808 on hand.

"We haven't kicked our fundraising operation into gear yet, though we are planning to begin this upcoming week,” said Saler.
Reports were unavailable for Fernando Powers, who’s running for the Republican nomination on Senate candidate Murray Sabrin’s slate. 
Camille Andrews raises just shy of $30k