Carville on the Race, Polling Kentucky

James Carville admits Barack Obama is the likely nominee. [Ben]

Obama has gained four superdelegates so far today, including add-on Ray Nagin. [Dem Con Watch]

One of the superdelegates he got yesterday switched from supporting Clinton, thus reversing his previous switch. [Wash Post]

Asked about joining Obama, Chuck Hagel chooses his words carefully. [CNN]

Obama is better at pool than bowling. [Political Intelligence]

Obama is up 54-43 in Oregon. [SurveyUSA]

Clinton is up 62-30 in Kentucky. [SurveyUSA]

Chuck Schumer and David Paterson pose with pitchforks. [Spin Cycle]

A blogger delights in what he calls a slip by Michael Bloomberg. [Queens Crap] Carville on the Race, Polling Kentucky