CBGB or No CBGB, Club Kingpin Says ‘Rock On!’

Who says rock ‘n’ roll clubs can’t survive in today’s bloated retail market?

Not John "JE" Englebert, owner of Suzy Wong and Prime, who’s decided to flout common wisdom and open his own rock club, dubbed Devils Playground, in Chelsea with girlfriend Lisa Pittleman, a granddaughter of residential developer Leonard Litwin.

This is Mr. Englebert’s first big foray since earlier this year, when the city forced him to shut down Club Myst for a couple of weeks after undercover cops repeatedly scored weed there. It has since reopened as Prime.

The new club, about 6,000 square feet in size, will be near Seventh Avenue and 23rd Street in Chelsea. Due to a confidentiality agreement, the club’s spokesman said he couldn’t yet release the club’s exact location.

Rock on, dude!

CBGB or No CBGB, Club Kingpin Says ‘Rock On!’