Christie: Parsing his words and the law

Let’s get this straight. Does U.S. Attorney Chris Christie think he only has a role to play when there’s a violation of US federal criminal law?

Apparently that’s what we’re supposed to believe based on the hot-off-the-press statement issued by Christie's office on Monday following his immigration remarks over the weekend.

Here’s the red flag:

Prior to the release of the official statement of interpretation, the Star Ledger did not even challenge his comments. And it looks like he was taking questions that day.

Even if the Ledger reporter believed Christie was parsing his words about when an illegal immigrant is violating the law, why wasn’t he asked about the oath of office he swore at the start of his appointment. You know the one where he pledged to do everything in his power to uphold the US Constitution and all the laws of the United States?

Or when Christie told the audience “…an undocumented immigrant is not a criminal unless that person re-enters the country after being deported”, why wasn’t he asked about the state laws being broken – starting with the ones requiring mandatory automobile insurance and driver’s permits? It's the reason state-issued ID cards for undocumented workers have been in the headlines in neighboring states. Christie: Parsing his words and the law