Clark and Obama, Weinstein and Pelosi

On the House floor today, Clinton superdelegate Yvette Clark of Brooklyn asked Barack Obama to sign her copy of the Daily News. [Ben]

The Clinton campaign is reportedly in a lot of debt. [Political Wire]

John Riley thinks there is more vetting of Clinton to be done. [Spin Cycle]

House Republican leader John Boehner tells Vito Fossella to think about his next move over the weekend. [The Crypt]

Nick Spano is not going to try to get his old State Senate seat back. [Liz]

Andrew Cuomo gets his first big settlement. [Capitol Confidential]

Cindy McCain will never, ever release her tax returns. [AP]

Is Harvey Weinstein strong-arming Nancy Pelosi? [CNN]

Clark and Obama, Weinstein and Pelosi