Clinton Campaign Argues Economic-Theory ‘Disconnect’

The economists are out of touch too.

That was the argument Clinton campaign pollster and strategist Geoff Garin made on a conference call this morning when he addressed a question about whether a gas tax holiday would prompt more gasoline use.

"The reality on the ground is very different from the economic theory," he said, arguing that the relief would be taken advantage of by people who need to drive for work, or pick their kids up from school, and not to go cruising. He said that there was a misconception that drivers in Indiana and North Carolina "will go out and do a lot of joy riding if they get a break on the gas tax."

"We do think there is a disconnect there," he added.

It’s the same argument Hillary Clinton made during her appearance in “This Week” over the weekend, and that Bill Clinton has been making, in one form or another, for years.

Clinton Campaign Argues Economic-Theory ‘Disconnect’