Clinton Superdelegate: If the People Speak, She’ll Listen

John Olsen, a Connecticut superdelegate who announced his support for Hillary Clinton just a few days before the Indiana primary, says he is not switching his allegiance. It’s not because he’s an optimist, though.

“She’d need to get 69 percent of all the pledged delegates that are left,” said Olsen, a veteran union leader. “The people who are going to vote from here on in can end it. If I were a woman in Kentucky I might say, ‘I love Hillary, but we have seen enough; we need to end it and so I’m going to vote from Obama.’ Those people need to speak. If Hillary Clinton hears that—she’ll hear it.”

Asked if she could possibly get the 69 percent of the remaining primary votes, Olsen said, “Obviously, it’s impossible for her to win the delegates.” He joked that even if Obama vanished, his name would still be on the ballot, and because of proportional representation, he’d prevent Clinton from achieving the stratospheric totals she’d need.

But Olsen said the flow of superdelegates to Obama still hadn’t become a flood, suggesting that there are some Democrats who aren’t determined to end the race just yet.

“What’s happening, due to the circumstances, there are people who are jumping on a winner,” he said, referring to the superdelegates who have endorsed Obama since Tuesday. “But for whatever reason, there are others who are waiting; it may be out of loyalties, concerns, or fairness. Some people want to let everybody have their chance to vote.”

“I’m a process guy,” he added. “Everybody has to feel that they have been dealt with fairly. Whether they be the candidates or the supporters of the candidates.” And “I believe that the process is going to go forward, I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and work for whoever the nominee is.” He said he’d prefer to have a shared ticket. Clinton Superdelegate: If the People Speak, She’ll Listen