Clinton’s Irish, Hikind on Olmert, Nuclear Water

Ted Kennedy has been released from Mass General and is headed to Cape Cod. [AP]

The tumor he has is highly lethal. [Wash Post]

Chuck Hagel blasts McCain, fuels rumors he will support Obama. [CNN]

Also, a majority of Members of the Assembly in North Ireland are behind Clinton. [BBC]

Hillary Clinton gets a superdelegate from Ohio. [RCP]

Beth Reinhard calls Clinton’s trip to Florida a "last hurrah." [Naked Politics]

Noam Scheiber wonders if Obama should have more of an effort in Kentucky. [The Stump]

Marc Ambinder thinks he knows why superdelegates are waiting. [Atlantic]

Lyndon Johnson’s people are a little peeved that L.B.J. isn’t getting credit from Obama and John Edwards. [Washington Whispers]

Hiram Monserrate and Simcha Felder will be interviewed live at 6 p.m. on The Perez Notes. [CUNY]

Peter Vallone Jr. is raising money by having people make fun of him. [N.Y. Real Estate Blog]

Assemblyman Dov Hikind says he saw Israel’s prime minister Ehud Olmert take an envelope full of cash after attending a fund-raiser in the Assemblyman’s Brooklyn home in the 1990s. [Jerusalem Post]

In the comments section, Rooster suggests how Hiram Monserrate could have used his political machine during previous elections. [Politicker]

"More explosives are surfacing on south Jersey beaches just days before the start of the Memorial Day holiday weekend." [AP]

A company wants to build a natural gas platform off the coast of New Jersey, the third proposal of its kind. [AP]

The company that owns Indian Point nuclear plant says that the radioactive water that was discovered leaking from the plant in 2005 is totally fine and won’t hurt anyone. [Times Herald-Record] Clinton’s Irish, Hikind on Olmert, Nuclear Water