Clinton’s Superdelegates, City Schools

Hillary Clinton tells superdelegates in an email that she can still win. [Ben]

Harold Ickes admits on a conference call that Clinton will be down by over 100 delegates after the last primary. [Spin Cycle]

Greg Giroux answers five questions about the Puerto Rico primary. [C.Q.]

Minnesota Governor and potential John McCain running mate Tim Pawlenty is looking at a housing relief bill that could put him at odds with the G.O.P. presidential campaign. [W.S.J.]

“Don’t expect fireworks” at the D.N.C. meeting, writes Taegan Goddard. [Political Insider]

Barack Obama gets a Guam superdelegate. [Barack Obama]

A major McCain fund-raiser is being sued by a business partner over a lucrative deal to ship fuel to Iraq. [NBC News]

Lynn Sweet reports what Obama surrogates bring in at fund-raisers–it’s a sliding scale. [Sun-Times]

Malcolm Smith wants to revive the Brownfield program. [Capitol Confidential]

Jimmy Oddo reported construction-site safety violations in his neighborhood. [All Ways N.Y.]

State Senator Ruben Diaz, Jr. writes a strongly worded open letter to Michael Bloomberg about minority children in the school system. [Liz]

Is Joel Klein a chancellor or a commissioner? [Wonkster]

Here’s a different perspective on the City Council’s battering of Klein yesterday. [NYC Public School Parents]

The number of residential building permits in the city has fallen by 51 percent over last year. Crain’s via Queens Crap]

Clinton’s Superdelegates, City Schools