Clyburn, Pelosi, Bruno, Dahroug, Lautenberg

James Clyburn will endorse either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, when the last primaries are underway. [Stamford Advocate]

Nancy Pelosi tells the San Francisco Chronicle that she will "step in" to prevent a nomination fight at the convention. [The Crypt]

Joe Bruno isn’t ruling out legal action against David Paterson’s proclamation on gay marriage. [Capitol Confidential]

Newsweek looks at Harold Ickes lobbying work. [Newsweek]

The Department of Transportation outlines new infrastructure for bicycle riding that will be created in the near future. [Streetsblog]

Jimmy Dahroug makes the case against Brian Foley. [Liz]

Michael Bloomberg’s office sort of responds to the open letter from Ruben Diaz, Jr. [West Bronx News]

This blogger isn’t surprised that the New York Times endorsed Frank Lautenberg. [Blue Jersey]

Bill de Blasio wants to end the Gowanus hotel boom. [Gowanus Lounge]

A blogger finds an expert to explain what’s happening with zoning in Carroll Gardens. [Pardon Me For Asking]

Obama released his health records. [Politics on the Hudson]

The Times editorial board comes down on Scott McClellan. [N.Y.T.]

Clinton is on the air in Montana. [The Page]

Obama gets an Oregon superdelegate. [A.P.]

Here’s a new Hillary YouTube, making the rounds. [Ben] Clyburn, Pelosi, Bruno, Dahroug, Lautenberg