Co-Housing Enthusiasts Want Kibbutz, Brooklyn-Style

It’s an anti-yuppification backlash in Brooklyn!

About 20 Brooklyn families are looking to share a house in a Brownstone Brooklyn neighborhood, where they can engage in communal behavior like shared meals and communal relaxation activities, according to the Brooklyn Paper.

Like much else in Brooklyn, this urban kibbutz lifestyle won’t come cheap.

"Families or individuals who want to participate in the co-housing experiment will have to make a significant financial investment. Marshall estimates that it will cost $15–$20 million for the building, or around $600,000 per unit."

Apparently, this sort of communal living model has precedents in crunchier outposts:

"The co-housing model emerged in Denmark in the 1970s. In the United States, it’s rooted in the blue state bastions like Seattle, the Bay Area and college towns."

Alas, this will be no stoner’s paradise:

“Take a commune and a condo, put them in a blender and this is what you get,” said Ben Watts, a likely resident of the building.

Co-Housing Enthusiasts Want Kibbutz, Brooklyn-Style