Connor-Squadron Debate Echoes Presidential Race

The closing statements from yesterday’s debate between 30-year incumbent State Senator Marty Connor and his Democratic challenger, former Chuck Schumer aide Dan Squadron, captured one of the most significant dynamics of this race (and the presidential one): the clash between experience and change. Squadron painted Connor’s as insufficiently progressive, while Connor characterized Squadron as naive about politics in Albany.

More specifically, at about the two-minute mark, Squadron, 28, says Connor helped kill the commuter tax, weakened rent laws, took money from the tobacco industry and voted against the statewide smoking ban. Connor retorts that he voted against the smoking ban because he wanted a total ban on tobacco sales, and charged that Squadron’s connection to the neighborhood is a block association that was formed only four months ago.

“Maybe you think you can waive a magic wand in the State Senate and solve all your local community problems," Connor said. "You can’t.” He added, “Look at what we have done, not what we are saying, Look at what we have done.”

The event was hosted by DFNYC (who will endorse in this race) and Manhattan Young Democrats (who won’t, but who will have a podcast of the event here).

More video from the Connor-Squadron debate here.

Connor-Squadron Debate Echoes Presidential Race