Corzine calls email content ‘extraordinarily boring’

While Gov. Jon Corzine’s fight to keep his email correspondence with Carla Katz from prying eyes may make one wonder what kind of salacious details are hidden in the digital documents, Corzine said not to get your hopes up.

“I think most of this you will find extraordinarily boring,” he said, comparing the reading experience to perusing a legislative bill.

Rather, Corzine said, he’s fighting Republican State Chairman’s lawsuit to divulge the emails on principle alone.

“You’ve got a constitutional question. A fundamental question,” said the Governor. “A privilege we believe needs to be protected not just for myself, but for future governors. So the process would go on.”

As evidence that there’s nothing devious or personally embarrassing buried in the correspondence? They’ve already turned them over to a judge and an ethics advisory panel.

“By the way, we could have taken another approach and not given the emails. We wanted to be clear that we’re not hiding,” he said. Corzine calls email content ‘extraordinarily boring’