D’Amato and Fossella, Continued

Al D’Amato went further with his show of support for Vito Fossella than anyone else when he told NY1 that he thought the congressman could run for reelection–and win.

So, does that mean the former Senator would actively campaign for Fossella?

I asked D’Amato’s spokeswoman, Dana Weisberg, who left the door open, but stopped just short of actually saying he would. She emails:

“[D’Amato] has always been close friends with Vito and a huge supporter. His story still remains the same- it is of his own opinion that Fossella will not quit before his term is over, if at all. If he does decide to run for re-election, he believes he could still pull-off a win.”

When I pressed her on whether D’Amato would actively campaign for Fossella, she replied, “I am sure he would be as helpful as he could.” D’Amato and Fossella, Continued