Daniel Boyle vs. Giuseppe Cipriani

A fierce standoff between two New York titans, both ranked on The Observer‘s recent 100 Most Powerful People In Real Estate, wrapped up an indecisive first-round yesterday.

Dapper restaurateur Giuseppe Cipriani (ranked No. 97) had offered up $500,000 to settle his dispute with the State Liquor Authority (S.L.A.). The state agency intends to yank liquor licenses from his various posh eateries and swank banquet halls around town following his conviction last year on tax violations.

S.L.A. commissioner Noreen Healey voted to accept the settlement offer, but S.L.A. Chairman Daniel Boyle (ranked No. 21) instead chose to flex his regulatory muscle and voted to terminate all of Mr. Cipriani’s licenses — plus, impose a monetary penalty.

The split vote means that the case next goes before an administrative law judge. Daniel Boyle vs. Giuseppe Cipriani