David Broder Takes Buyout from The Post, And So Do a lot of Others!

And another one drops at the Washington Post! Michael Calderone at Politico is reporting that legendary writer David Broder is the latest to take a buyout from the paper, though he’ll remain on contract. The 78-year-old Broder told Calderone there were two reasons he’s leaving: (1) he can get off the newsroom budget, and help them save a little dough and (2) they’re giving him a "generous" package.

So with chief editor Leonard Downie apparently days away from taking a buyout of his own, and with loudmouth, thin-skinned Tony Kornheiser also taking one, let’s do a quick round-up of everyone else. The rule of the land is you can only take a buyout at the paper if you’re older than 50.

Patrick Gavin at Fishbowl DC has been doing an almost daily round-up lately, and here’s our best attempt at compiling what they have confirmed:

Kathy Legg
Don Podesta (AME/Copy Desk)
Sue Anne Pressley
Joe Elbert (former AME/Photo)
JoEllen Murphy (Art Director, HOME)
David Broder
Tony Kornheiser
Linton Weeks
Mike Keegan
Deb Heard (AME/Style)
Steve Fehr (Assistant Virginia editor)
John Pancake
Belle Elving
Anne Groer.
Walter Nicholls
Peter Carlson
Bill O’Brian
Tom Ricks
K.C. Summers
Desson Thompson
Eve Zibart
Richard Harrington
Tamara Jones
Susan Schmidt
Tim Page
Maralee Schwartz

Ann Gerhart is not taking the buyout.

Gene Weingarten is not taking the buyout.

And Peter Baker left for the Times Magazine after his wife, editor Susan Glasser, was fired.
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