David Patrick Columbia Is in Awe of Dr. Oz

New York Social Diary’s David Patrick Columbia and the average suburban housewife have something in common: their fondness for Dr. Mehmet Oz. The doc has become a favorite among Oprah watchers who enjoy watching Dr. Oz explain to them their dietary needs, bowel movements, and helpful tips like how to get rid of foot odor (soak ’em in tea-bags!)

The society chronicler heard the co-author of "You: The Owner’s Manual" speak at a benefit for City Harvest last Thursday evening—the doctor was wearing a suit for once rather than his friendly blue scrubs—and found himself absolutely smitten.

"I’d heard the name before, but knew nothing about him. In fact, I’d wondered if it were the name of a movie character. I had not been paying attention. Nor do I watch Oprah," writes Mr. Columbia. "So when I heard him speak last Thursday, for the first time, I was amazed, amused, inspired, provoked and charmed."

Mr. Columbia often writes thousand-word descriptions of New York socials he admires (it’s actually riveting stuff, a compliment offered without irony), but today he devotes quite a bit of space to his musings about Dr. Oz. Here are a few pull-quotes from Mr. Columbia’s poetic prose about the doc:

  • "To these Amurrican eyes, he looks very Amurrican (upper-educated-privileged-energetic). Although with a name like that, not exactly the old version of Main Street."
  • "He speaks at a fast clip, although clearly and distinctly so that he can be both heard and understood. Although your attention is required to get his golden gist."
  • "He’s also very funny. He can produce audience guffaws and belly-laughs while talking about the most sensitive of subjects."
  • "He has the ability to make light of that side of ourselves where we feel we look ridiculous — especially the physical side. His accompanying video on the function of the body’s organs was graphic and almost gruesome but somehow palatable."

  David Patrick Columbia Is in Awe of Dr. Oz